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Our team brings over 40 years of combined experience and hands on knowledge. Check out our team’s bios to learn more about what makes Trek to Teach the most successful program of it’s kind.

Brad Hurvitz
Founder/Executive Director
Brad volunteered for 5 months at a boarding school in Rajasthan, India, (The Sagar School) as a teacher, a soccer coach, swim instructor, director of the school’s first play , and working with the administration on their marketing plans.  During a holiday break, he travelled to Nepal to trek in the Himalayas.  He noticed all of the students trekking to and from their schools and learned they would sometimes trek for 4 hours per day, just to get an education.  He was inspired to help them and Trek to Teach was born. In addition to running Trek to Teach, Brad has worked in multiple companies as a product educator, having the opportunity to work with executives of manufacturing, retail and technology companies.  Today, Brad runs a sourcing business providing inexpensive manufacturing options for domestic companies and will soon become an Infant Swim Instructor.   Brad earned a bachelors degree in Social Psychology from California Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo and an MBA from Oregon State University where he was the president of his class and was honored with the 2011 Target MBA leadership award.  Brad lives in San Diego, California with his wife and young daughter.
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Suman Prasain
Secretary of Trek To Teach Nepal
Suman is the brother of Co-Founder Madan and has been raised trekking through the Himalayas.  He has international experience having lived in Spain and Qatar, he brings his worldly knowledge and joyful humor to our teachers during the trek.  Suman is a fun, smart and energetic and will bring laughter and fond memories to any trek.
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Manish Chaudhary
President of Trek to Teach Nepal
Mr Chaudhary is a youth activist and has been involved in many youth network organization. He is a GCE A Level Graduate of  Univercity of Cambridge. He has been pursimg Bachelors Degree in Business Studies.  He has been tutoring GCE A Levels and O Levels students from different countries in Kathmandu, since 2011.He is experienced as an ECA coordinator at Kathmandu Valley School.  Simultaneously, he has been engaged in Amnesty International Nepal, since 2009, and also worked as  a coordinator of National Youth Advisory Pannel. He believes in exchange of knowledge, and thinks getting experience in life is the most achievable thing. So he is passionate about travelling and photography.  He want to contribute in the education field of Nepal.Currently he is an executive board member of Trek to Teach, Nepal.  
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Madan Prasain
Madan has 13 years of trekking and mountaineering experience in Nepal and Tibet.  He is passionate about his country and is involved in promoting eco-tourism, conservation & sustainable rural development in Nepal.  Madan created Mount Meru Treks to share the beauty of his country with like-minded people. His aim is to provide an outstanding adventure with quality and comfort for mountain-loving tourists and at the same time, to provide the Nepalese with an opportunity to improve their circumstances. Madan met Brad during his initial trip to Annapurna in 2009.  They got a chance to interact closely with the education system of Nepal, seeing the poor conditions of education in the villages of the Himalayas.  They decided to work together for the betterment of the Education in Nepal. Madan currently lives in Portugal with his wife and is eager to come back to Nepal soon.
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Sarala Shrestha
Treasurer and Operations Director
Sarala is the Treasurer of the Executive Board of Trek To Teach.  She believes that awareness through Education and Economic Development is a must for the overall development of a nation.  She hopes to take these skills to Trek to Teach to improve the community and nation as a whole. She is currently studying to obtain a Master’s Degree in Sociology and Anthropology.  She has also participated in many workshops and seminars at national and international levels.  She has extensive experience in teaching and she loves to work with people in our Himalayan communities to ensure Trek to Teach is providing the most positive impact that we can.
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Ashley Mathews
Vice President
With a passion for education and a desire to travel, Ashley joined TTT eager to teach English and learn about life in the Himalayas. She developed a lasting relationship with Nepal and its people which drove her desire to continue to improve the educational practices of TTT. Graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Educational Foundations, Ashley is passionate about improving the quality of curriculum development and presentation. She loves traveling and learning about culture and the influence it has on a country’s education system. Ashley enjoys the tranquility of the outdoors and often finds herself discovering hidden gems amongst the Oregon gorge with her pup, Molly. She hopes her adventurous spirit will continue to push her boundaries both personally and professionally as she prepares our future teachers for their journey ahead.
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David Lofman
Director of Development
My journey started the same minute I found Trek to Teach. I felt an unknown internal spark that eventually turned to a deep love for the mighty Himalayas and teaching in my village.  The children, teachers and the villagers struck me in my core.  With my current role as Europe Ambassador, my main goal and responsibility is to raise funds for school construction.  I’m currently lecturing at schools in Europe and initiating cooperations with small and large companies. It’s easy to believe that organizations like Trek to Teach are only about giving back to those who deserve it - which is true - but it is a mutual relationship. I’m blessed to be a part of the TTT team and to have built an invaluable memory during my time in Nepal. I can’t wait to see the smiles when I return to my village in the future. Everything I do these days is for Trek to Teach and those smiles.
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Allie Cavallaro
Program Director
Allie began her journey with Trek to Teach in the spring of 2016 as a volunteer teacher in rural Nepal. After 3 months of teaching in Chomrong, she returned home to the United States, and started hosting interviews for Trek to Teach applicants. From there she began to train teachers prior to their departure. In addition to these tasks, Allie now compiles the data from Trek to Teach-er's Student Progress Exams to report to donors, seeks out and writes grant proposals to obtain additional sources of funding for infrastructure projects in Nepal, manages Trek to Teach's website and social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and designs, writes copy for, and manages its social media advertising campaigns. Aside from her work with Trek to Teach, she is currently an Editorial Intern at a small newspaper in Palo Alto, California, and will be transferring to Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies in Creative Writing in winter 2018.      
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Chandni Tamraker
Chandni wishes to live in a world full of creativity and innovation or a room full of pups, books and warm tea can also do the trick!   A graduate in Social work, she has an experience of working with different types of people and issues such as orphans, marginalized group, women violence (and many more). She wants to continue her career by making a difference in people’s lives specially focusing in women and children. She is a travel enthusiast and currently she is handling the business operations of Trek to Teach Nepal. Besides work she is an art fanatic and when she is not working – you can find her doodling or looking up for it on the internet.
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Emily Meyers, M.Ed.
Director of Education
Having spent a few weeks visiting Nepal in 2016, Emily was determined to get back (and give back) to the beautiful, vibrant, and unforgettable country. She stumbled upon Trek to Teach during her research and knew immediately that the organization's missions and beliefs aligned directly with her own. As an educator, Emily understands the necessity and power of education and having seen the rural schools in the Himalayas herself, knew there was a definite need. She accepted her role as the Director of Education with a happy heart, determined to continue TTT's positive impact on the communities it is involved in.
In the U.S., Emily is an English and ESOL professor at the University of San Diego (USD) and two local community colleges. She has seven years of experience teaching both internationally and domestically. Additionally, she acts as a mentor teacher and university liaison to M.Ed. graduate students at USD, facilitates teacher training, and constantly presents at and attends TESOL conferences. With this experience, Emily's overarching goal is to continue to improve and grow TTT, thus bettering the Nepali village students' education and future.
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Board of Directors

Nick Cain
Chairman of the Board

Nick helps lead grantmaking programs at, Google's charitable arm. Nick has developed and managed over $35M in grants to nonprofits using technology and innovation to address global challenges, with an emphasis on education and disabilities. His team is currently leading’s two-year, $50M commitment to support nonprofits that are building tech-based solutions to close gaps in global education.

Before joining Google, Nick spent time at FundWell, a startup that matches small businesses to financing. He was also the first employee at Vittana—a non-profit that pioneered the development of student loan products for the microfinance market—where he managed partnerships across 11 countries in Latin America and Africa.

Nick earned a bachelor's in American Studies from Columbia University and an MBA with honors from the Berkeley-Haas School of Business, where he was Co-Chair of the Global Social Venture Competition. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is proud to be a part of Trek to Teach.

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Kyle Nau
Member of the Board
Kyle has lived and/or traveled to 28 different countries and has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, finance, and management. After receiving his business degree from California Polytechnic Institute of San Luis Obispo in June 2006, he took a job in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to work as the Occupational Committee President of a new start-up division within the large NGO, Sonhar Acordado. Since his return to San Diego in 2007, he has worked as the Office Manager for a construction and real estate development company and obtained an MBA in Business Technology Management. Kyle has extensive experience in entrepreneurial finance, strategic management, and project management. In his free time he enjoys working on his house, growing exotic subtropical palms and plants, and spending time with his new wife.
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Aaron Hurvitz
Member of the Board and Legal Council
Aaron obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from The University of Arizona in 2003, and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa College of Law in 2007. He also received his LL.M. in International Business and Trade Law from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago in 2008. Aaron first started his Intellectual Property experience when he was hired as the sole law clerk on an antitrust and illegal patent tying case that was ultimately heard before the United States Supreme Court. He then drafted technology transfer agreements and worked on enforcement matters for an international law firm in Beijing, China. Aaron currently advises the firm’s North American, European, Indian, and Australian clients on different aspects of Chinese Intellectual Property Law. He specifically focuses on how best to introduce technology into China, and deals heavily with advising Kangxin’s clients on how best to effectuate positive enforcement of their Intellectual Property Rights. Aaron travels frequently, lecturing and speaking at conferences about infringement and enforcement measures in China.  
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Bijaya Devkota
Member of the Board
Bijaya Devkota is the Founder and Chairman of the Gorkha Foundation. Gorkha Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, grassroots organization working to improve living conditions and strengthen the economy in poor and marginalized communities in the Gorkha region of Nepal. He also serves as a Board Member for Lending Promise, a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to providing small loans to poor Nepali women to form small businesses and give them literacy and small business training support to ensure that their businesses are a success. With their business income, they’re able to afford enough food for their children and to send them to school. And education changes everything — not only for those children but for their entire villages and ultimately, economies. He has more than 17 years of experience in education and technology. He is the Chief Information Officer at Charles County Public Schools in Maryland, USA. He provides vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the educational solutions. Previously he worked at Coopers & Lybrand, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and IBM where he provided information technology, strategy, architecture, customer relationship management expertise to clients. He also taught at American University in Washington, D.C. for five years.
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