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IE3 & Trek to Teach: Change the World — And Get College Credit

“My experience in Nepal was like no other experience I’ve ever had … I can’t wait to go back to Nepal … The acronym of Nepal, “Never End Peace And Love”, has always stuck with me. My Nepali brothers (dhaiharu) and I still have strong bonds 4 years after my internship and those bonds will be with me forever. Any person considering visiting Asia, please consider Nepal. Nepal will touch and change your heart for the greater good.”


Oregon State University, Class of 2015

“As I’m writing this, thinking about the love and care I received from my students, I get chills. There is an incredible authenticity to Nepalis, once you are welcomed into their hearts, they keep you there … Make the time to visit this country.”


University of Oregon, Class of 2014


University of Oregon, Class of 2015

“I took this opportunity abroad to say to myself ‘forget it’ and threw my introverted personality out the window because I knew I was only going to be in my village for a short amount of time. I took the opportunity to spend as much time with my host family in the kitchen (where they all worked and talked) to learn more about Gurung (the dominant local ethnic group in the region) and Nepali culture, language, and food .”


University of Washington, Class of 2014

 I (was also) fortunate enough to be able to walk to class with my students every day and that is when I don’t have to have my teacher hat on.  I can have my friend or my traveler hat on.  My students hold my hand on the way to class every day and it is amazing.”


University of Oregon, University of Denver, Class of 2014?, 2017

Why earn credit on campus when you can earn it in the Himalayas? 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Through your school, and their partnership with IE3 Global, you can study abroad in Nepal, live in a remote rural village, teach children English, and have the adventure of a lifetime all while earning college credit. 

You don’t need to take off from school to take off across the globe. Our teachers love the option, and we’re sure you will too.

So, are you ready for Adventure?

Steps to Nepal:

  1. Read through our site. Love the program?
  2. Check out IE3 Global’s site. Check out our listing here.
  3. Get in touch with your study abroad reps
  4. Make it happen!