What Elsa Learned while teaching in Nepal

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Those smiles warm hearts

As my farewell creeps ever closer, quickly becoming a reality that I am not eager to accept, I feel the need to share some of the many many things I have learned during the most incredible but challenging 2 months of my life. Life in the wonderful village of Kimche, Nepal has been that of […]

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Feeling Fortunate – Stefan’s Experience Teaching in Kliu

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I often sit in my host family’s kitchen, watching my mum make gurung bread while my dad is working in his garden and my two brothers are out on the rice fields harvesting the crops. It’s a lovely family, very caring and they made it very clear that I became part of their family since […]

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Michael’s experience with the kids and himself

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For the past 2 and a half months, I have lived in the village of Kimche in the Annapurna region, to teach English at a secondary school which sits atop a hill overlooking the town. On the first day of school,  I hiked with a cadre of people through thick jungle, rice paddies, farmlands and […]

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Tony’s experience, 2 years after teaching

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One of our favorite teachers over the years, Tony Santilli, had such a memorable experience in Nepal that we asked him to share his story with us. — Tony interned with Trek to Teach in the summer of 2014. What set his experience apart from most is that he taught in both Kathmandu and in […]

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A departing letter from Allie to her school

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Shree Dhaulasri Secondary School Chhomrong, Kaski 9 Ghandruk, Nepal April 2016-June 2016   To the Principal, Students and community members of Chommrong,   Coming to teach at your school, I expected to be immersed in an education system far different from my own. I expected it to be a challenging experience to teach with a […]

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Trekking, mountains and birds

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I remember back in April 2015, when I was starting my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, I got the news that there had been a terrible earth quake in Nepal. I cannot remember their names, but there were several other thru hikers (a “thru hiker” is someone who attempts to hike an entire […]

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What you need to teach in the Himalayas

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He had asked my students what we do in class and they said “we play games!” You can imagine his reaction as he was a believer in direct instruction.

If you’re considering teaching in Nepal, here’s three tips to make your experience supreme! An open mind When deciding where I wanted to study abroad I knew I wanted to go somewhere drastically different from home (Oregon, USA) to expand my view of reality; What I got far surpassed my expectations. Life in the Himalayas […]

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