What to Expect:


Dedicated students from isolated rural villages will journey to you to be taught English.


Become a Trek-To-Teach-er. Apply for the upcoming session today.


Your students will be determined children from your village and neighboring villages. They range in age from about four years old to 18. Villages in the Annapurna Region tend to have high populations of Gurung and Magar people, a couple of the many subcultures of Nepal. Because of these subcultures, and the isolated nature of our partner villages, your students’ first language may not even be Nepali. Most teachers teach younger students (Age 13 and under) but some teach older students. This mostly depends on the school’s needs and is decided by the headmaster at the time of your arrival at the school.


You’re most likely to teach English as a second language to your students, but it’s possible your headmaster will request that you teach other subjects as well. In the past, teachers have taught math, art, handwriting, social studies, health and computers. You are encouraged to express both your preferences and passions to your headmaster.


Although every one of our partner villages has a school, not every village in the Annapurna Region has one. For this reason, your students may have to walk long distances to school each day. Many students trek for 2 hours to get to and from school.

You should expect your school to be a basic, cement structure with barred windows and open hallways. Most have beautiful views of the mountains, and some have a yard for students to play in.  Schools tend to be furnished with basic amenities in bad condition.  Most have benches for students to sit on, and taller benches for them to write on. Some schools have whiteboards, and some use chalk.  Schools do not tend to have wifi or easily accessible printing. Most teachers do not speak English well (hence your value) and are very supportive of Trek to Teach-ers.


WHO: Dedicated students from isolated regions of rural Himalayan Nepal.

WHAT: English (and maybe other subjects based on need)

WHERE: Schools made of basic materials, sometimes a long walk for your students, but close to your guest house.