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Welcome, Ambassador.

Thanks for becoming a Trek to Teach Ambassador.

You’ve joined an active, socially conscious group of individual across the globe who want to make the world a better place.

As an ambassador of Trek to Teach, you’ll receive regular updates of the work we’re doing and how you can help. We’ll also share with you the stories of hope and empowerment we’re experiencing all the time in our work with children in rural parts of the world.

Together, we are giving the next generation opportunities they wouldn’t have dared to dream of before.

Thank you so much,

Brad Hurvitz, Trek to Teach Founder

Brad Hurvitz
Founder, Trek to Teach

As a Europe Ambassador for Trek to Teach – I can make a great difference from home. I proudly present our mission online to my network, to schools, companies and other organisations. I’ve managed to fundraise enough money on my own to build a library in the Himalayas. Now we are rebuilding a school after the devastating earthquake in 2015, my efforts will make a difference to thousands and that brings me comfort knowing that I have made a difference. I would recommend to anybody, become an Ambassador and achieve something you will remember for the rest of your life.

David Lofman

Europe Ambassador


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Here’s how to create your personalized Trek to Teach fundraising page with

1. Visit the Trek to Teach fundraiging page: (HERE »)
2. Click on the button, “Become a Fundraiser”
3. Enter login information:
4. Fill out details:
5. Click “Okay”
6. Add details to your fundraiser:
7. Personalize your fundraiser and spread the word!
8. If you would like to create a team, click this button and work together on fundraising.  Have fun and compete against other teams if you wish.
9. Be persistent!  Ask your friends and family for donations.  Not only on Facebook, but via email, phone calls and in person.  The only way that we will achieve our goal of raising the funds to build this school is with your help!  You will make a positive change for the people in LangTang for years to come.  If we are successful with this Fundraiser, we will continue building schools and changing lives!

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