The clean fresh air and constant beauty around you will fill your senses and allow your imagination to wander. If you feel a calling to live in nature, Trek to Teach will surely satisfy.

Along with a serene landscape, Nepal offers a unique combination of the old and new, with ancient roots, the culture is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. The ethnic groups are mostly dependent upon geographical location. Most people in Nepal consider themselves Nepali along with their native ethnicity. Our schools in the Annapurna Mountain Range are within the heart of the Gurung community. You will have the chance to experience Nepali language and culture as well as traditional Gurung ways of life, including their language, architecture, dress, and music.

You’ll be considered a member of the community but also a guest while in your village, which is fortunate for you because Nepalese hospitality is among the best in the world. The land is rich with tradition, with a beautiful blend of Hinduism and Buddhism creating an extremely welcoming and friendly atmosphere throughout Nepal. Nepalese people welcome others to their homes for tea made with buffalo milk, local millet wine (Raksi), or a meal, and will aggressively insist on serving you food. From learning the language and its jokes and drinking songs, to playing Nepali card games, to hiking to nearby shrines, to experiencing and understanding local organic farming and cooking, to receiving traditional gifts upon your departure, it is truly a blessing to spend time with Nepali people.

Physical Requirements


Nepal’s remote villages retain the incredible natural beauty and cultural vitality of the country but face the difficulties of isolation. They may be hundreds of miles from the capital city of Kathmandu. To use our English teachers most effectively, we’ve partnered with villages deep in the landscape of Nepal. You’ll have to trek there.

The trek is 4-days in length. It will pass through countless waterfalls, some flowing past your feet. The path crosses rivers, takes you through small villages, winds through forests, and reveals some of the tallest mountains in the world. At some points, it will lead the trekker up steep hills for a couple of hours – it is very strenuous. If walking up a couple of flights of stairs is difficult, perhaps this isn’t for you. There is also the option of a shortened 1-day trek to your village, though we recommend you take the longer trek. Once you arrive in your village, your school will be a short walk from your guesthouse.